New Majority Orange County Endorses Don Barnes for Sheriff

Today Undersheriff Don Barnes announced the endorsement of the New Majority Orange County, one of the largest business organizations in the county.

“We are proud to endorse Don Barnes for Sheriff. A safe community allows businesses, schools and families to be successful. We know Don Barnes has the skills to lead the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in the future and adapt to the changing needs of Orange County and it’s residents,” said Steve Prough, Co-Chairman, New Majority Orange County Political Affairs.

Members of the New Majority are leaders in business, technology, philanthropy and the public sector who support candidates with a strong fiscal policy, a desire to protect Californians from additional tax increases and have an inclusive, mainstream approach towards governing.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the New Majority,” said Barnes. They represent business and community leaders from all across this diverse county and understand the needs of our local businesses and their employees. I am pleased to have their confidence to protect all the residents of Orange County.”

For more information on the New Majority, visit their website.


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