Combatting Drug Abuse

Our nation is in the midst of an opioid epidemic.  Deadly drugs like fentanyl are becoming more prevalent in our communities.  As a father I am very concerned about the dangers these drugs pose to our children.  We must make a concerted effort to ensure our youth know the harmful consequences of illicit drug use.  To that end, I have made a commitment that the Sheriff’s Department will provide a drug education program to any Orange County school that is willing. In addition, we have sponsored legislation to address the impact of fentanyl. 

Of course education is only one part of the strategy to defeat this epidemic.  Law enforcement must also target the profiteers of addiction.  The drug traffickers who peddle these deadly substances must be stopped.  I will continue to dedicate Sheriff resources to Regional Narcotic Suppression efforts and take a lead role in keeping the drug cartels out of our neighborhoods.