Emergency Preparedness

The Sheriff Department plays the lead role in response to any major emergency.  As chief of police services in the City of Lake Forest I played a signicant role in response efforts to the 2007 Santiago Fires, was the Incident Commander at the Civil Forum with Senators McCann and Obama, as well as numerous other critical incidents. Keeping our emergency response procedures up to date and maintaining a high level of readiness will be a top priority of my administration.  In the event of fire, flood, or earthquake you should have every confidence that the Sheriffs Department is well prepared to meet the challenge.

In addition to natural disaster we must also be prepared for terrorist attacks.  To that end Orange County has been at the forefront of efforts to detour attacks.  The Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center works daily to ensure law enforcement is aware of local threats and protects our residents and businesses. As Sheriff I will continue to allocate resources toward OCIAC.